Saturday, June 20, 2009

Steady B

My first time hearing Steady B was back in the late 80's when his video for "Serious" came on The Box (video jukebox, remember that? lol). I didn't know it at the time, but it was the BDP remix produced by Krs-One. The lyricism was on point and the production was fine, but it was Tat Money on the 1's and 2's that demanded my attention. He killed the last few seconds of that song. He was so good that it compelled me to go and get my dad's turntable and wear out his records. Anyway. I eventually copped the album and was bummed when I found out the remix was nowhere to be found. I quickly tossed the album on the shelf and left it there for years. One day, while looking for albums to trade in, I figured I'd give it a listen to see if it was worth trading in or not. Turns out the album is pretty good. Production is your typical late 80's fare with Steady holding down the entire album on his own. It's not required listening, but I'm glad I gave this one a chance. It's definitely worth holding on to. Oh, and I threw the remix in there for those that haven't heard it. In hindsight, the remix isn't all that different from the original, but I still love it more. I think sampled this joint when he did that track on Chrisette Michelle's debut album. Crate junkies probably already knew that though...

Let The Hustlers Play [Jive/RCA Records 1988]

1. Let The Hustlers Play
2. Certified Dope
3. The Undertaker
4. I Got Cha
5. Turn It Loose
6. Ya Know My Rucka
7. Serious
8. Do What You Wanna Do
9. Who's Makin' Ya Dance
10. On The Real Tip
11. Through Thick-N-Thin
Bonus Cut:
12. Serious (BDP Remix)

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