Monday, June 22, 2009

Kurtis Blow

I'm not old enough to remember Kurtis Blow with much clarity, but I do remember when his hits were hitting the airwaves because we used to pop lock to them on our way to school. Fast forward to 2005... I wound up coppin' all of his shit on wax from a flea market/thrift store spot in Montgomery, Alabama for less than $35. Turns out that I remembered a lot more than I thought after giving him a few spins. Either way, I figured it's be cool to get some older rap on the site since the name of it would accurately suggest a strong yearning for old school rap. Here's his second LP. It plays more like an EP, and the beats are your typical 80's styled beats, but it's great for pop locking to if you're still into tha sort of thing. Just don't expect mind blowing lyricism; things hadn't got all that complex in '81, I guess...

Deuce [Mercury Records 1981]

1. Deuce
2. It's Gettin' Hot
3. Getaway
4. Starlite
5. Do The Do
6. Rockin'

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