Sunday, May 10, 2009

Slick Rick

This is it. This is the album that launched Slick Rick into the stratosphere and made him a household name. It's also his debut solo joint after label politics forced him out of Doug E Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew (looks like the label did him a favor, if you ask me). The album doesn't reall need a description if you have any idea who Slick Rick is -- the album is a certified classic. Anyway, I'm dropping his entire solo discography on the blog. I was gonna post him or Ghostface, but I looked and found out that I don't have Big Doe Rehab, so it wouldn't have been complete. Enjoy.

The Great Adventures of Slick Rick [Def Jam / Columbia 1988]

1. Treat Her Like A Prostitute
2. The Ruler's Back
3. Children's Story
4. The Moment I Feared
5. Let's Get Crazy
6. Indian Girl (An Adult Story)
7. Teenage Love
8. Mona Lisa
9. Kit (What's The Scoop)
10. Hey Young World
11. Teacher, Teacher
12. Lick The Balls

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