Monday, April 27, 2009

Cash Money & Marvelous

Cash Money & Marvelous have a style that's similar to DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince.It's pretty much the same light, radio friendly material, but it doesn't feel as pop. The production is par for the course when you talk about 1988 rap. I think the most popular song on the album would be the classic "Uly People Be Quiet", but I think the first track I heard from them was "Find An Ugly Woman" and I loved it the first time I heard it. If you're at all familiar with those tracks, then you have a pretty good idea what the entire album sounds like since a lot of the production is the same and there isn't much topic range. That said, it was great for partying to when it dropped and it's still good for cutting the occasional rug. Enjoy, people...

Where's The Party At? [Sleeping Bag 1988]

1. Find An Ugly Woman
2. Play It Kool
3. Is It Real
4. Time Is Up
5. A Real Mutha For Ya
6. Marvelous' Drawers
7. Ugly People Be Quiet (Remix)
8. Ugly People Be Quiet
9. The Mighty Hard Rocker
10. Who's In The Place
11. Where's The Party At?
12. All About Partyin'
13. The Music Maker

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