Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Erick Sermon

E Double is one of those guys that, no matter how tight his track record is, he never really gets the props he truly deserves. The man is one of the best producers ever. I think I covered all of this in the Insomnia post, though. Anyway, Double or Nothing is the sophomore solo joint from the Green Eyed and, as expected, the production is on point. I think his only shortcoming is his delivery (and the occasional wack simile), but his output is still second to none. This album wasn't as well received as his debut, but it's on the same level. The strength is definitely in the production (obviously). If you slept on this, like most people did, be sure to give it chance.

Double Or Nothing [RAL / Def Jam 1995]

1. Intro [Skit]
2. Bomdigi
3. Freak Out feat. Redman
4. In The Heat
5. Tell 'Em feat. Roz & Keith Murray
6. In The Studio [Skit]
7. Boy Meets World
8. Welcome feat. Keith Murray & Aaron Hall
9. Live In The Backyard [Skit]
10. Set It Off
feat. Keith Murray
11. Focus
12. Move On feat. Redman & Passion

13. Smooth Thought [Skit]
14. Do Your Thing
15. Man Above
16. The Message [Skit]
17. Open Fire
feat. Keith Murray & Redman

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