Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dru Down

Dru Down is a rapper I didn't see a lot of when I was growing up. Being on the east coast, you simply didn't see a lot of west coast cats unless they were multi-platinum superstars like Dre or Snoop. So it wasn't until about a year agao that I actually found this sitting in my local record store for $5 used (but in like new condition). I popped it in, because I remember the video for "Can You Feel Me" and I found that this album was pretty good from top to bottom. He has a voice that took a minute for me to get used to, but the beats were pretty solid. Not as advanced as production in '96 should've been, but still good. The end result for this listener was a 4 star album that just as slept on as his debut. Peep this shit, y'all.

Can You Feel Me [C-Note / Relativity 1996]

1. Intro
2. Playa Fo Real
3. Baby Bubba feat. Bootsy Collins
4. Can You Feel Me
5. Choppin' It Up feat. Chris "C.H." Hicks
6. Head & Shoulders
7. Mista Busta
8. Hustlin' Ain't No Thang
9. The Game
10. Breezy feat. Yukmouth & Poppa LQ
11. Freaks Come Out feat. Luniz & L.V.
12. Deal Went Bad
13. Underestimated feat. Soopafly
14. I'm Wondering
15. Suspect One
16. 500 Mobsters
17. The Mobb feat. Luniz, Knucklehead, Eclipse, NicNac, & T. Luney

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