Saturday, November 29, 2008

The U.N.

I don't know a whole lot about The U.N. I know that they made an appearance on Pete Rock's Petestrumentals LP and that one of their members was a part of the Flipmode Squad for a short while. Outside of that, all I know about them is this album right here. I only bought it because I recognized Rock Marciano's name. I was expecting some Flipmode, commercial type shit, but I got the exact opposite. This album is unadulterated, boom bap style hip hop circa 2004 (which is hard to come by nowadays). Tight flows, hard hitting beats -- if that's your thing, then you should jump all over this one. Enjoy.

UN Or U Out [456 Entertainment 2004]

1. Buildin'
2. Mind Blowin'
3. D.O.A.
4. Avenue
5. What They Want
6. P. Money Setup
7. Golden Grail
8. Ain't No Thang
9. Monsta
10. Get Yo ******
11. Russian Hat Wear
12. Shakedown
13. The Art
14. Game Of Death (G.O.D.)

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