Saturday, November 29, 2008

Method Man

When Method Man dropped his solo debut back in November of '94, he was pretty much the most popular member of the legendary Wu Tang Clan. Anticipation for this LP was pretty high and it went platinum almost instantly upon release. This type of music getting played on MTV and major radio is pretty much out of the question nowadays, but it was a reality in '94 -- which is what happens when the fans make the call instead of the labels. Anyway, the production is all courtesy of The RZA (with co production on two tracks from Meth and 4th Disciple respectively). A lot of folks overlook this album when discussing solo albums from Wu members, but I think Tical is right up there with the best of them...

Tical [Def Jam 1994]

1. Tical
2. Biscuits
3. Bring The Pain
4. All I Need
5. What The Blood Clot
6. Meth Vs. Chef
7. Sub Crazy
8. Release Yo Delf
9. P.L.O. Style
10. I Get My Thang In Action
11. Mr. Sandman
12. Stimulation
13. Method Man (Remix)

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