Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mic Geronimo

Mic Geronimo was discovered by Murder Inc head honcho Irv Gotti. His debut was preceded by a few singles -- Shit's Real, for one. Released in 1995, Mic created a small buzz with the real heads, but he didn't really make much of a dent after that. He has released a few more albums since then, but this is by far the best out of all of them. It falls just short of classic for me, but the whole thing is nothing short of 100% dope. Check for the joint "Time To Build" which features Ja Rule, DMX, and Jay-Z before all three had a deal. DMX sounds like an Onyx reject -- shit is hilarious. Anyway...enjoy, people.

The Natural [TVT / Blunt Recordings 1995]

1. The Natural
2. Lifecheck
3. Wherever You Are
4. Masta I.C.
5. Man Of My Own
6. Time To Build feat. Ja Rule,
Jay-Z, & DMX
7. Shit's Real
8. Three Stories High
9. Sharane
10. Men V. Many feat. O.C. & Royal Flush
11. Train Of Thought
12. Things Change
13. Masta I.C. [Remix] feat. The Lost Boyz

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