Friday, November 14, 2008

Finesse & Synquis

I was thumbing through some vinyl I had sitting upstairs to see if I could successfully upload one from a digital turntable and it not sound like crap. I came across this joint from Finesse & Synquis. By no means is it required listening, but more like my guinea pig because, if this works, I'll be doing it more often. Anyway, this duo was down with Andre Harrell and the Uptown Crew (you know, the "Uptown" in Uptown/MCA?) and they rap in a similar style to that of Salt & Pepa, but with less interesting production. I mean, it came out in 1988, so only so much can be expected beat wise -- apparently, they missed the bus since '88 is when production standards took a huge leap forward. But, hey, what can ya do, right? Some of you may remember Finesse as a member of the Wu Tang affiliates known as the Deadly Venoms (basically an all girl super group). Anyway, enjoy the album, people.

Soul Sisters [MCA Records 1988]

1. Soul Sisters
2. We Can Do This
3. Strictly For Business
4. I'll Be There
5. Soft But Deadly
6. I Can Do Better
7. Fatal Beauty
8. A Jam Ain't A Jam

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  1. Thanks for the Finesse & Synquis! I've been looking for "Straight From the Soul" by them for years. If you could hook me up with that, I'll owe you big time LOL