Monday, August 18, 2008


Here's another mixtape from Wale'. It's a little older than the others I've posted already -- March, I think -- so some of the material you've probably heard already. Either way, here it goes. If you're at all familiar with Wale', then you can expect more of the same fire he's becoming well known for. Dude is pretty consistent, and he's my favorite new cat out there along with Shad. I'll continue to shout him out and put his music out there so more people can hear him, but I digress. Enjoy the free music...

The Beast Of The Beltway [Free Internet Release 2008]

1. Intro
2. Go Mode feat. Bun B.
3. Fish N' Chips
4. Big Spender
5. Another Freestyle
6. Flashing Lights
7. From MD Freestyle
8. Dangerous Girls feat. Danger (M.A.F. Mash-Up)
9. I Know D.C.
10. Kiss Kiss (Remix)
11. Nike Boots
12. Good Life (D.C. Remix) feat. Kanye West & T-Pain
13. Get It
14. W.A.L.E.F.R.I.E.N.D.S. feat. Justice (M.A.F. Mash-Up)

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