Thursday, July 17, 2008

Grand Daddy I.U.

This right here is a joint that I'd long forgotten about. If it hadn't been requested, it'd still be sitting on the CD rack collecting dust. It's sad because that's pretty much been the modus operandi for Grand Daddy I.U. over the course of his career -- he releases solid joints that spark little to no interest and wind up being forgotten. The real shame is the fact that this album was a banger from top to bottom. Production that was ahead of its time, tight lyrics, I mean, this joint was just the total package. I remember seeing a video for Something New when it came out and I instantly loved it. According to published reports, I.U. and DJ Kay Cee (his brother) produced the whole album by themselves, but Biz Markie stiffed them on publishing and production credits -- which is all kinds of foul, but typical of the rap game and the music business in general -- so, I guess it's safe to say that all the dope tracks contained within this album were done courtesy of I.U. and Kay Cee. This album was hard as hell to come by at one point, but has since been reissued. I'd recommend grabbing it as soon as possible because not even the reissues will be hanging around for very long.

Smooth Assassin [Cold Chillin' / Warner 1990]

1. The U Is Smooth
2. Pick Up The Pace
3. Something New
4. I Kick Ass
5. Mass Destruction
6. Gals Dem So Hot
7. Girl In The Mall
8. Kay Cee Is Nasty
9. Nobody Move
10. Dominos
11. Behind Bars
12. Soul Touch
13. This Is A Recording
14. Sugar Free
15. Phuck 'Em Up U
16. Shout Outs

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