Thursday, July 31, 2008

DJ Quik

As requested, here's DJ Quik's debut album. You can tell from listening to this that Quik hadn't quite perfected his beatmaking craft just yet. Don't get me wrong, the beats are definitely on point, but he would grow a little more and develop a more well rounded sound over the coming years. Lyrically, Quik is one of the better rapping producers out there, so you can expect some solid material with this album. As a matter of fact, all of his albums are at least 4 star efforts in my book. Enjoy.

Quik Is The Name [Profile Records 1991]

1. Sweet Black Pussy
2. Tonite
3. Born And Raised In Compton
4. Deep
5. Tha Bombudd
6. Dedication
Quik Is The Name
8. Loked Out Hood
9. 8 Ball
10. Quik's Groove
11. Tear It Off
12. I Got That Feelin'
13. Skanless

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