Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ghostface Killah

The Wu Tang clan is by far my favorite crew/group of all time. When they were on top of their game, they couldn't be fucked with. One hell of a run indeed. When it comes to their solos, there's a lot of debate when it comes to which one is the best -- some say Liquid Swords, some say Only Built For Cuban Linx, others toss around Ironman. I've even heard Tical get mentioned in a few of those conversations. Well, while there's no denying that a lot of those early albums are classics or near classics, none of them get rotation from me as much as Ghostface's sophmore joint -- Supreme Clientele. It was one of the first joints from a Wu soloist to depart from RZA's exclusive production even though RZA did lay down two tracks -- Buck 50 & Child's Play. I'm not saying it's better than Liquid Swords or Only Built For Cuban Linx but, in my mind, it's just as good. Just so y'all know, though, the credits are fucked up. So, if you download this, the credits might be thrown off. Like, for example, Inspectah Deck doesn't appear on Wu Banga 101 even though he's credited with the appearance. Like I said, just so y'all know. Also, check for the hilarious 50 Cent diss on the Clyde Smith Skit. It cracks me up every time I hear it...

Supreme Clientele [Epic / Razor Sharp Records 2000]

1. Intro
2. Nutmeg feat. RZA
3. One
4. Saturday Nite
5. Ghost Deini feat. Superb
6. Apollo Kids feat. Raekwon
7. The Grain feat. RZA
8. Buck 50 feat. Cappadonna, Method Man, Masta Killah & Redman
9. Mighty Healthy
10. Woodrow The Base Head (Skit)
11. Stay True
12. We Made It feat. Superb
13. Stroke Of Death
14. Iron's Theme (Intermission)
15. Malcolm
16. Who Would You Fuck? (Interlude)
17. Child's Play
18. Cherzchez LaGhost feat. U-God
19. Wu Banga 101 feat. GZA, Raekwon, Cappadonna, & Masta Killah
20. Clyde Smith (Skit)
21. Iron's Theme (Conclusion)

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