Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mike Boo

I don't know much about Mike Boo. As a matter of fact, when I got this album in the mail, I was going to trash it because I saw the Alpha Pup label on the side. I can respect when someone wants to try something different, but a good portion of what I've heard from this camp has been pretty wack -- like Blackbird, for example. Anyway, before I decided to put it in the "store credit" pile, I decided to google his name. I found out that dude is a DJ and that this was a strictly instrumental album. Since I'm a sucker for a good instrumental album, I gave it a shot and it's been getting steady rotation ever since the first listen. The entire album is done with two turntables and nothing more -- that means sound effects, bass lines, and the whole nine. The sound is dark and mellow -- definitely nothing to get hype to. I won't go on and on with this one. Just give it a shot. If you're into turntablism, or you dig the technical side of being a DJ, chances are good that you'll find something you can appreciate on this album.

Dunhill Drone Committee [Alpha Pup Records 2005]

1. For Your Box
2. Curdled
3. Laid In Soyetyland
4. Cantrec
5. Resolution
6. Wearing Signals Away
7. Here Are The Faxes You Requested
8. Oaksterdam Goo
9. Pathway
10. Vibrations Transcend Space And Time

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