Sunday, June 1, 2008


Blackalicious is one of the first groups, along with People Under The Stairs, that I used to make my case when it came to downloading being a good promotional tool for artists. I mean, let's face it, freeloading bums are freeloading bums -- before downloading came along, they were dubbing tapes and CDs. Leeches will be leeches regardless, but those of us that actually buy the music use it as sort of a test drive for unknown artists. Back in 2000, after checking them out because they were recommended to me, I was bumpin' their shit but couldn't find it any store I went to. Being in college at the time and residing in Middle Of Nowhere, Virginia may have had something to do with that, but I used Napster (back when it was free) to obtain Blackalicious and P.U.T.S. albums. I then proceeded to buy up all the material I could find from that point (online, of course). That being said, I guess my point is that downloading exposed me to a lot of dope material back in the day that I probably would've never heard otherwise. I mean, the acts I checked out rarely ever promoted or toured on the east coast back in '99/'00 (and still don't, if I'm not mistaken) and were all but alien to me until their names were dropped on a forum or two. Nia was the first album I ever downloaded and I was totally surprised by it. Up until then, I thought Cali rap was just a bunch of gangster posturing and palm trees. Anyway, this is where I began my search and I hope it's just as enlightening for others as it was for me. Enjoy.

Nia [Quannum Projects/Subverse Music 2000]

1. Searching
2. The Fabulous Ones
3. Do This My Way
4. Deception
5. A To G
6. Cliff Hanger
7. Shallow Days
8. Ego Trip by Nikki Giovanni
9. You Didn't Know That Though
10. If I May
11. Dream Seasons
12. Trouble (Eve Of Destruction)
13. Smithzonian Institute Of Rhyme
14. As The World Turns
15. Reanimation
16. Beyonder
17. Making Progress
18. Sleep
19. Finding

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