Friday, May 30, 2008

The Primeridian

The Primeridian were actually my introduction to the record label known as All Natural. They, along with Eulorhythmics, changed my entire perspective on Chicago rap music and midwestern rap in general. While I've found some nice pieces to come out of that region, a lot of what I know was pretty much forced onto me by friends. Well, that all changed after giving this (and the Eulo album) a listen while driving on the beltway -- if you're familiar with the DC area, you know that soothing music is to your advantage while driving on I-495. lol Anyway, I haven't listened to it in a while (I ripped it for a buddy), but I do remember the production standing out the most. It's laid back and smoky, but provides 'nuff thump for that ass. The lyrics are cool -- courtesy of Tree Tha Scarecrow and See-Me-On -- and they have the type of range that keeps a guy like me interested for more than 20 minutes (trust me, this is a good thing). Enjoy, everyone. Hell, maybe I'll give this a spin myself; it's been a hot minute...

Da All Nighta [All Natural Hip Hop 2005]

1. Close The Door
2. Floatin'
3. Smoke Signals
4. Trumpets Of Zion
5. Yeah, Yeah We Know
6. When We First Kissed
7. Pose To Do
Tatuduhendi (Boogie Man)
9. Broken Wings
10. Social Studies Pt. Two
11. Off Tha Track
12. Brain Power
13. Midwest Grit
14. Our Life's Passion (Ooo-Lala)
15. Wisdom (Reprise)
16. Melody
17. From The Go
18. Shoutro
Tatuduhendi (Reprise)

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