Saturday, January 26, 2008


Shell Shocked is one of my favorite No Limit releases and it can be argued that it's also one of the best No Limit releases. It came out back in '98 during the peak of No Limit's popularity, but it didn't get the same shine that other releases from the label were getting. The production, just like everything else that came out of there at the time, is handled exclusively by Beats by The Pound. It's evident that Mac has rhymin' skills and he was a more than capable story teller. His second album, World War III, is okay, but it doesn't come close to this one. The vultures have jacked up the prices of his two known releases because he's doing a 30 year bid for manslaughter. Though it's definitely a great album, and one of No Limit's best releases (along with Fiend and a few others), I don't think it's worth the $34.95 I see it selling for on Amazon.

Shell Schocked {1998 No Limit Records}

1. Boss Chick feat. Mia X
2. Be All You Can Be feat. Silkk the Shocker & Fiend
3. Soldier Party feat. Master P
4. Murda, Murda, Kill, Kill feat. Mystikal
5. Tank Dogs feat. C-Murder & Fiend
6. Slow Ya Roll feat. O'Dell
7. We Don't Love 'Em
8. Wooo feat. Snoop Dogg, Mia X, Big Ed, Mr. Serv-On, & Kane & Abel
9. Can I Ball feat. Soulja Slim
10. Money Gets feat. Master P
11. The Game
12. Callin' Me
13. Memories feat. C-Murder
14. Meet Me At The Hotel feat. Mr. Serv-On, Magic, Storm, & Mo B. Dick
15. Shell Shocked feat. Fiend
16. Paranoid feat. Silkk the Shocker
17. Nobody Make A Sound feat. 2-4-1, Magic, & Fiend
18. Beef
19. Camouflage Love feat. Storm
20. Empire
21. My Brother
22. Shell Shocked (Outro)

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