Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Low Profile

Here's another Amazon request. I didn't really like Low Profile when they first came out. With the exception of NWA, Ice T, and a few others, I didn't really dig rap from Cali at all back in '89. I didn't get into this album until sometime back in '92. I didn't even know it was the Pre-Westside Connection, Pre-Maad Circle WC that was on the mic at the time (though his topic range has done an about face since this dropped). Anyway, while I wouldn't call this a classic or even required listening, I will say that it's aged very well. The production is your typical '89 Cali fare (chunky funk samples and heavy bass), but Aladdin does his thing on the turntables. That alone was reason enough for me to like it...the rest was just a bonus for me. Turns out the whole thing was dope. Who knew, right?

We're In This Together [Priority Records 1989]

1. Funky Song
2. That's Y They Do It
3. Pay Ya Dues
4. Easy Money
5. Keep 'Em Flowin'
6. Aladdin's On A Rampage
7. How Ya Livin'
8. Comin' Straight From The Heart
9. We're In This Together
10. Make Room For The Big Dub.B.U.
11. No Mercy

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