Wednesday, January 9, 2008


I don't know all that much about H.M.H. I saw this album sitting in a used bin at an FYE in Martinsburg, WV. It was $2.99 and it was a rap album, so I figured I'd take a chance. The end results aren't bad, but they're nothing spectacular either. I read up on this group and it turns out that they're from Chicago. H.M.H stands for Hang Men Homicide (don't quote me on the spelling). Wicked Wild and Toine G. are your typical gangsta rappers. KE Fresh provides the backdrops (he produces every track on the album). As expected, the sound is basically some gangsta posturing over thick bass and smoked out funk. It's a little on the generic side, and even though it hasn't aged all that well, I thought it was alright.

Comin' Off [Phat House Records 1995]

1. We On Some Sh---t
2. Funk Mode
3. Straight Bringin' Da Drama
4. Comin' Off Interlude
5. In Da Chi
6. Bit' Nigga Killa
7. Let It Ride
8. Prelude
9. Bonita
10. Boo-Tee Bounce
11. Hum-A-Side Party
12. Ghetto Madness
13. Blowin' Up
14. How Many Joints
15. Let It Ride Interlude
16. In Da Trunk
17. Comin' Off (Introducing BUJI & Allie Kat)

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  1. Nice find Norfeest. Never heard this til now. It's definitely a little generic and smoked out to be amazing. For what it is though it's solid. Thanks. Keep up the good work.