Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Dana Dane

This album is one of several requests I got over at Amazon. I've had this one for a minute, but I haven't played it much. I finally gave it a spin while I was rippin' it and I'd have to say it has aged fairly well despite the archaic production. Or maybe that's just the old geezer in me talking. Anyway, it's a light, fun piece that had me doing the wop at red lights this morning. Well, here it is...9 tracks/37 minutes worth of some of 1987's finest hip hop music. Still can't believe this album is 21 years old though...

Dana Dane With Fame {1987, Profile Records}

1. Dedication
2. Cinderfella Dana Dane
3. This Be The Def Beat
4. Dana Dane With Fame
5. Delancey Street
6. We Wanna Party
7. Nightmares
8. Keep The Groove
9. Love At First Sight

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  1. Nice pick here. I love this album. Got it on tape!