Tuesday, September 15, 2009

DJ Muggs

DJ Muggs is one of the more underrated producers out there. I dusted this album off earlier today and found that he really did top notch work on the boards. He produces, arranges, and composes every track on this album. Muggs enthusiasts probably have this one already, but anyone not familiar with his board work should jump on this one. It even boasts a nice multidimensional lineup from Goodie Mob to MC Eiht to Wyclef. This one is sure to please.

Muggs Presents...The Soul Assassins, Chapter 1 [Columbia Records 1997]

1. The Time Has Come
2. Puppet Master (Dr. Dre & B Real)
3. Decisions, Decisions (Goodie Mob)
4. Third World (RZA & GZA)
5. Battle of 2001 (Cypress Hill)
6. Devil In A Blue Dress (La The Darkman)
7. Heavy Weights (MC Eiht)
8. Move Ahead (KRS-One)
9. It Could Happen To You (Mobb Deep)
10. Life Is Tragic (Infamous Mobb)
11. New York Undercover (Call O' Da Wild)
12. John 3:16 (Wyclef From Refugee Camp)

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