Monday, May 25, 2009


When Onyx debuted, I wasn't that big a fan of all the screaming and gimmicks that they brought along with them. In fact, despite diggin' a few of the singles, I thought they were really, really corny. Well, their sophomore effort, which was criminally underrated, answered the question of what they were capable of if they just ditched the gimmicks, went to the lab, and rocked over some tight production. Sure, some of the gimmicks surface here or there, but the overall outcome was nothing short of top notch. Though the first album was a top selling pop smash, this is the album that made official heads recognize skill.

All We Got Iz Us [JMJ/RAL/Def Jam 1995]

1. Life Or Death (Skit)
2. Last Dayz
3. All We Got Iz Us (Evil Streets)
4. Purse Snatchaz
5. Shout
6. I Murder U (Skit)
7. Betta Off Dead
8. Live Niguz
9. Punkmotherfukaz
10. Most Def
11. Act Up (Skit)
12. Getto Mentalitee
13. 2 Wrongs
14. Maintain (Skit)
15. Walk In New York

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