Sunday, April 12, 2009

Down South

Just so y'all know, with this post, I've officially switched from Megaupload to MediaFire. So any further posts or re-ups will be done with MediaFire. Anyway, I don't know a whole lot about this particular album. All I know is that this album got a lot of love over on one of the forums that I frequent, so I figured I'd cop it. It's a solid album, but it's nothing out of this world. I'd say it's your typical 1994 east coast flavored rap by three relative unknowns. One of those unknown members was Shawn J. Period -- he went on to have a pretty solid career as a producer (he's got a few classics under his belt). Lost In Brooklyn is a worthwhile listen, but I wouldn't call it required listening.

Lost In Brooklyn [Big Beat/Atlantic 1994]

1. Down South
2. Southern Comfort
3. Tractors, Rakes, and Hoes
4. Jimi Crack Korn
5. Spin Da Bottle feat. The Funkaholic & Bobbito
6. Departure
7. Lost In Brooklyn
8. Sitting Here
9. Big Wheels
10. Grupo De Rap
11. Around The Clock
12. The Carbonated One
13. Oh My
14. Open Sesame


  1. No problem at all, man. If I can help with anything else, just let me know.

    Enjoy the music.