Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wise Intelligent

First, let me apologize for the crappy album art. The digital camera is acting like it doesn't want to work, so I can't take a picture of mine and everything on the 'net looks like shit, so...

Poor Righteous Teachers front man Wise Intelligent kind of caught me by surprise the first time I ever heard him. I was on the blue line listening to my walkman when "Rock This Funky Joint" came blasting through the earphones -- Poor Righteous Teachers on the radio...remember that? Remember how you could turn on the radio and still hear Wu Tang, EPMD, or Del The Funky Homosapien? Variety -- it's sorely missing from the radio today. That's all I'm tryin' to say. Shit is like a foreign concept nowadays. Go figure... *sigh* Anyway, I thought dude [Wise] was crazy dope at the time and I'd check for any PRT/Wise material every chance I got. Well, you can imagine my excitement when I found out Wise was droppin' a solo joint on the masses back in '96. Thing about it though, even though I love this album, I found that it wasn't on the level of any previously released Poor Righteous teachers material. It didn't have the same energy, in my opinion. It still makes for a good listen though. Enjoy.

Killin' U... For Fun [Slangspit / Contract / Profile Records 1996]

1. My Sound
2. Shitty Inna City
3. I'll Never Kill Again
4. Freestyle (A Conscious Lyric)
5. Steady Slangin'
6. Black Juice
7. Name Brand Gunn
8. TV Shoom Pang
9. So Low
10. Rastafarian Girl
11. Kingpins
12. Send Fe Me Gunn

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