Friday, May 9, 2008


Before this album, the duo known as DFC were probably most famous for being MC Breed's "sidekicks" (for lack of a better term). I'm not too familiar with any of those old albums -- midwest hip hop was hard to break into the mainstream back in the day unless you had a smash hit, so I was only familiar with Breed's "Ain't No Future..." at the time. As far as the album goes, it's pretty solid stuff. MC Eiht and DJ Slip (1/2 Oz Productions) lent their talents to the most popular song on the album (Caps Get Peeled) and Warren G. drops a few tight beats, but Sedric 'Swift' Barnett contributed the most tracks. It's a typical 1994 rap release -- smooth beats, heavy bass, gangsta lyrics, etc. One could argue that MC Breed deserves a share of the title since he appears on 5 of 11 tracks. lol I do believe this album is out of print now, so that makes listening to this one that much sweeter to this listener since it's a time capsule in some small way. Take a listen and enjoy.

Things In Tha Hood [Assault/Big Beat/Atlantic Records 1994]

1. A Piece Of Mind (Intro) feat. Bushwick Bill
2. Put Your Locs On feat. MC Breed
3. Caps Get Peeled feat. MC Eiht
4. Mo' Love feat. MC Eiht
5. Things In Tha Hood feat. MC Breed & Nate Dogg
6. Pass The Hooter feat. Warren G.
7. 2-2 The Chest feat. MC Breed
8. Death B-4 Dishonesty feat. MC Breed
9. Hand's On My Nine
10. Roll With The Clan
11. Digga Bigga Ditch
12. You Can Get The Dick feat. MC Breed
13. Da Bomb

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