Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Not too many people remember K-Dee, but he was an Ice Cube protege. If you know anything about Ice Cube proteges, then you already know that they tend to have a very short career expectancy. Anyway, Ass Gas or Cash is K-Dee's only album (that I know of, anyway). It came out in 1994 with little to no buzz despite being cosigned by Ice Cube -- a Cube endorsement back in '94 was worth more than its wight in gold. The guest appearances are kept to a minimum. Morris Day makes an appearance while Bootsy Collins and Ice Cube both show up twice. The theme is pretty much obvious from the onset -- pimpin' and gettin' paid. That's pretty much it. It's a fairly solid album despite its lack of topic range, and I know it's out of print, but it's not worth the outrageous prices I see on the internet. For more info on the album, check out:

Ass, Gas Or Cash (No One Rides For Free) [Lench Mob Records 1994]

1. Intro
2. Best Thing Goin'
3. Hittin' Corners
4. Freshest MC In The World
5. Pimping And Pandering (Part 1)
6. Make The Music
7. Gigalos Get Lonely Too feat. Morris Day
8. Neva Was A Baller
9. Where's The Cat?
10. Thought I Saw A Pussy Cat feat. Ice Cube & Bootsy Collins
11. K-Swinga
12. Pimping And Pandering (Part 2)
13. Talk Of The Town
14. Into You
15. Words To The Wise
16. Ain't Nothin' Poppin' feat. Snow
17. Assoline
18. Ass, Gas Or Cash feat. Bootsy Collins

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