Wednesday, February 20, 2008


This particular album is a free internet only release from indie rapper NYOil. I've heard a single from it, but I haven't heard the whole thing yet. It's basically NYOil rhyming over classic 9th Wonder beats. I'd say that, after hearing HoodTreason: The Warm Up Album, I'd gladly support anything the man does -- which includes spreading the word about him. The link isn't mine though, I got it off his MySpace page, but here it is...the new joint from NYOil.

9 Wonders: The NYOil vs 9th Wonder Digital EP [Petroleum Empire Media Group 2008]

1. Each Morning
2. More And More
3. Close Your Eyes
4. Drop Squad
5. Cap'n Save A Hoe!
6. Big Nay feat. Big Nay
7. CONspiracy Theory
8. The Investor
9. Seems Like feat. Dan Wallace

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