Friday, February 1, 2008

The B.U.M.S.

You know, I don't really remember much about this album from The B.U.M.S. (an acronym for "Brothas Unda Madness"). If it hadn't been requested, it'd probably still be sitting in a shoebox right now (good call, Kev). Anyway, since I only remember two singles from the album getting play on the radio when I was younger (that would be the ultra tight "Take A Look Around" and "Elevation"), I don't really have much to say about it. I gave it a listen while I was ripping it and it's definitely on point. I'm not quite sure how this one fell between the cracks. D-Wyze and E-Vocalist are nice on the mic and don't quite come off as the typical Cali rapppers on their '95 debut. There's more of a east/west blend going on here. I wonder if they ever put out a second album? It'd be a shame if this is all they ever got a chance to show the public. I noticed that it's going for $55 over on, so even if I didn't like it, I'd still take great pleasure in cutting these vulture's sales. Enjoy...

Lyfe 'N' Tyme [1995 Priority Records]

1. Brothas Unda Madness
2. Non-Stoppin' The Groove
3. I Don't Know
4. Wreck Your Ears (Can Do)
5. Cup Of Jokes
6. Take a Look Around
7. 6 Figures And Up
8. Flex Uv A Finga
9. Diggin' In The Crate
10. Let The Music Take Your Mind
11. Suck My Dick
12. Elevation (Free My Mind)
13. Food For Thought
14. West Coast Smack
15. Harry Joenick
16. Lyfe'n'tyme
17. For My Brothas
18. Wake Up
19. Can You Do Without
20. Who Gives You the Right

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