Sunday, September 13, 2009

Compton's Most Wanted

I bought this album as soon as it dropped. I didn't know much about CMW at the time, but I bought the Boyz N The Hood soundtrack a year or two beforehand and that album had a dope CMW track on it. Back then, you could buy blind if the artist was dope. Anyway, I saw the video for "Hood Took Me Under" and immediately decided to purchase it only to find that the video version for that track was a remix. I was let down somewhat, but the rest of the album more than made up for it. dope beats, dope rhymes. It's all here. Eiht was at his best on these early CMW albums (there are two more before this one), so make sure you check out all of them. I'll be posting more later on.

Music To Driveby [Orpheus / Epic Records 1992]

1. Intro
2. Hit The Floor
3. Hood Took Me Under
4. Jack Mode
5. Compton 4 Life
6. 8 Iz Enough
7. Duck Sick II
8. Dead Men Tell No Lies
9. N 2 Deep feat. Mr. Scarface
10. Who's Xxxxing Who?
11. This Is A Gang
12. Hoodrat
13. Niggaz Strugglin'
14. I Gots Ta Get Over
15. U's A Bitch
16. Another Victim
17. Def Wish II
18. Music To Driveby

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