Saturday, June 27, 2009

Boogie Down Productions

As a young'un, KRS-One was the gold standard for emceein'. Freestyle, writtens, you name it and KRS could do it. He was even a dope DJ and graf artist. When I think of hip hop in the pure form, I think of this guy. Live! Hardcore Worldwide is one of the first live recordings in the genre and I remember diggin' it from day one. The sound quality tolerable for a live show with so much bass. The album was recorded in New York, France, and England and KRS shows you what a real emcee is capable of. Enjoy.

Live Hardcore Worldwide [Jive/Zomba/RCA 1991]

(Live At Cuando, NY, NY)

1. KRS-One Intro
2. Lick A Shot
3. The Eye Opener
4. Jack of Spades
5. My Philosophy
6. Still #1 (Freestyle)
7. Poetry
8. House Nigga's
9. Criminal Minded
10. Jimmy
11. The Bridge Is Over
12. Ya Know the Rules

(Live at S.O.B., NY, NY)

13. Kenny Parker Intro
14. South Bronx
15. Reggae Medley (includes 9mm)
16. Super Hoe

(Live In London)

17. Up To Date
18. Why Is That
19. Stop The Violence

(Live In Paris)

20. Bo Bo Bo
21. Come To The Teacher
22. Breath Control
23. Self Destruction

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