Thursday, April 9, 2009


Straight to the point -- Miilkbone's debut is dope. Out of five stars, I'd give it a four and a half. The classic "Keep It Real" can be found on this album along with the lukewarm "Where'z Da Party At?" single that followed it. Production is handled mostly by Nick Whiz with contributions from KayGee of Naughty by Nature fame. The result is excellent production for a capable rhymeslinger like Miilk. It's too bad he didn't put out more quality work. I copped the sophomore set and it simply doesn't measure up to Da Miilkrate. Give this one a fair listen and be sure to peep the "Keep It Real" remix that's hidden at the end of the album. Nice use of AZ and Redman samples there...

Da' Miilkrate [Capital Records 1995]

1. No Gimmicks
2. Ghettobiz
3. Keep It Real
4. Mindgamez
5. Traffic Jam
6. Move Wit' Da' Groove
7. How Ya Like It?
8. Freestyle
9. Set It Off
10. Where'z Da' Party At?
11. Murder Verbs
12. Fast Cash
13. Kids On The Ave
14. Check Me Out
15. Bamma Fam
16. Ketchrek
17. It Ain't The Same
18. 2 All Y'all

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