Thursday, February 19, 2009


It's funny that a bunch of outtakes and omissions turn out to be considered one of the best Nas albums ever. Especially since the man is revered as one of the best emcees in rap history. The Lost Tapes, from what I understand, were songs that didn't make the cut for either I Am or Nastradamus (not sure which one) after they were leaked on the internet. The result is a super tight album from one of NY's finest. Production,,'s all there. Enjoy.

The Lost Tapes [Ill Will/Columbia 2002]

1. Doo Rags
2. My Way
3. U Gotta Love It
4. Nothing Lasts Forever
5. No Ideas Original
6. Blaze A 50
7. Everybody's Crazy
8. Purple
9. Drunk By Myself
10. Black Zombie
11. Poppa Was A Playa

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