Thursday, January 3, 2008

Lighter Shade Of Brown - Layin' In The Cut {1994, Mercury Records}

I don't remember much about Lighter Shade of Brown other than them being two laid back Latino cats from Cali. I remember they dropped some dope singles from their first two albums. My favorite was "On A Sunday Afternoon," but I never saw anything of theirs on a store shelf in my neighborhood. All that changed when I picked up this album from a Hastings back in TX. I wasn't familiar with it at all, but I knew that "Hey DJ" was a dope single (not to mention it came out in '94 -- a great year for hip hop). From what I've read about it, this is supposed to be their least potent album. That being said, I knew I had to get my hands on the others, because this is a dope album. Oh yeah, uh, I couldn't find any decent album art on the 'net, so I had to snap a flick myself. Enjoy.

Layin' In The Cut

1. Dip Into My Ride
2. Where Ya At
3. Talkin' 'Bout (Gettin' It On)
4. Hey D.J. [Radio Remix]
5. Playin' In The Shade
6. If You Wanna Groove
7. I Like It
8. Things Ain't The Same
9. Doin' The Same Thing
10. Everyday All Day
11. Hey D.J.


  1. I like "If You Wanna Groove" more myself. Nice pick Norf.

  2. Thanks man. You know, "If You Wanna Groove" ain't bad either. I'm just a sucker for that Supreme Team sample. lol

  3. THanks for this one, "If you Wanna Groove" was the jam. I used to have the casette single. I wore the heck out of that one.

  4. Please Reup All Album en 320kbps Thanks